What does an interdisciplinary degree, experience in business development, and a passion for photography make for?


An exceptional Experience Designer. 




I have a degree in solution brainstorming, investigating the problems of third world countries.

I have experience analyzing both individual and business needs through collaborative process design.

I have been crafting creative compositions for years, photographing both people and events.

And I have designed and built beautiful experiences for users in countless product spaces.


To learn more, check out my resume.


I love a beautiful design, but I also love a functional one. With agile methods and user-centered design principles, I create experiences that solve problems with both efficiency and simplicity.

Although no project is the same, in each, I employ set of skills that enable me to create experiences that are empathetic to both user needs and business goals. 


  • Business Analysis

  • Information Architecture

  • User Research and Testing

  • User Story and Persona Development

  • Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping

  • Usability Testing and Iteration

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Project Management

My process isn't always straightforward, but it does produce beautiful, user-centered solutions.


Even the best designers have them.